Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I need some restraint from Humid-weather-shopping-not-knitting

Oh dear! reading all those posts about wonderful merino (KR), led me to search for it on handpaintedyarn.com, then ebay, Webs site, etc. Here is one of the results. I purchased 3 skeins of this lovely purple, pink, periwinkle combo. Click on it to fully see it. This photo is from handpaintedwool shop on ebay, but it is accurate. It arrived yesterday from Uruguay and no, I didn't sleep with it!

I have no idea what to make with it. It is so hot outside, I can't imagine touching it for long, or a time when it will be so cold to wear it. After all, it measures about 650 yards. So lovely.

Maybe I should reduce my time reading at KR too! It is addicting and I don't want to fall behind on something that I could really use! lol Shel

Sunday, July 17, 2005

oooops, I am jumping too far ahead now

I am committed to my knitteranon - I will finish UFO's (some, at least).

However, I have purchased a few yarns to add to my stash. Here is a photo of one.

I so hope it looks similar to this when it arrives from handpaintedyarn.

ta da-------Vancouver Blossom:

Any ideas what to make with it?
(Purchased 9 skeins of this thin/thick wool. I believe that will add up to 1480 yards.)

more recent - here is the now finished Funky Poncho

Hi all,
I wanted to post this more recent item. Funky Poncho, and it was a nice break to knit this up with easy stitches and large needles. I used US13 needles and it was a simple pattern. Since I don't have my own digital camera, this was photographed after I sewed it up, but prior to evening up the fringe. I also used a simple crochet stitch to strengthen the open end (shown in photo on left edge - in the dark green suede yarn). If I get close to a digital camera again soon, will attempt new photo, on a volunteer model perhaps.

Ok, I tried to crop these 2 photos, and LOL, they don't look so good. THEY ARE THE SAME ITEM :) I admit, I'm a novice to this web blog/photo stuff. Bear with me!!

So, I have work to do on this blog. I'd like a separate area where the finished items are listed. And another list area for the WIP/UFO's, FP's etc.


small purse knit from Noro Daria

I knit this cute little purse after seeing something similar in a LYS in Morgantown, PA. I gave this to my oldest niece for her 11th birthday. I wasn't able to get up to NH until late May, which was fine since I didn't start it until after her April birthday. The I-cord was so simple, the LYSO showed me a quick demo in 1-2 minutes.

I do like the way it turned out. I used regular thread to sew the decorative button on.