Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A few Christmas projects - presents

Here are the "wrist warmers" (fingerless gloves) made from the lovely Heavenly yarn (by Artful Yarns). Present for a gal pal for her birthday. Used my trusty Aero needles in US8.

The pattern for the gloves is on the back of the yarn band.

Next, the cable wrap for my Mom. Done up on US10.5 needles. The color is Mist and this design is adapted from another pattern. I think it turned out well, it is very nice around the shoulders, worn inside the house or out and about on a snowy day.

I was working on this late on Christmast Eve :) I steamed the edges, as it was curling under. So far so good, it did the trick. The actual color is closer to the lighter picture. The close-up photo of the edge of the wrap makes it look more aqua.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Friday, December 02, 2005

Here are a few quick things i finished recently

First, the tote bag I finished for my sister's bday present. I used worsted merino in Ibisco from, one of my favorite Uruguan yarns. Catie, who just turned 6, is the model.

Kelsey is looking lovely with her pink ruffle scarf, also knitted from worsted merino (handpaintedyarn of Uruguay). Color - Hortensia. This is actually for Catie, but Kelsey(12) is the model in this pic.

And here is model Catie again, she chose the color for her scarf, and I knitted it up on Thanksgiving. It did go out in the snow with her, but didn't seem to fare badly at all.

Ooops, wrong pic. Another one of Tote Bag for Chris. I'll try to load a close up so you can see the colors and the seed stitch better.

Here is Catie again - with her Boho outfit on. Very nice! She also wore the scarf around her hips.

Ok, I've been behind, so here is a funny link to get started

Here is a mint green purse I quickly knit up for Catie (6) on thanksgiving. I did some garter stitch, seed stitch etc. She chose the yarn (ok, the only one in her stash), an unidentified cotton. Catie "made" and attached the strap herself.