Sunday, September 25, 2005

Whew, I had SOME restraint.

I'm back from a day at Stitches. Lots to see, and lots to touch. I was looking at Webs, although I am very familiar with their site and have ordered from them in the past. More malabrigo, handpainted worsted merino which is so silky. Webs gives you a quantity discount, just like when shopping their online store.

The colors at many of the booths were intoxicating. It is almost hard to figure out which projects to make with what, there are many options.

I found a few buttons that will add just the right touch to a WIP. And some luxury silk at a discount that will work up to a lovely surprise for a family member.

No photos right now, you'll have to settle for a minor descriptions.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

A new pattern

I purchased a new pattern at LYS today, and again resisted another week of purchasing yarn :)

This pattern is so simple and nice, and will make at least one person very happy for possible holiday gift.

I'm working up a quick scarf in handpainted worsted merino - farrow stitch - to match a hat I've recently put together for my Dad. This project is a nice study break item during the week.

Off to Stitches East tomorrow - will hope for the best for my yarn delirium.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

winding by hand at home :)

I'm doing a little winding at home tonight. A few stray pieces of hay are stuck in the hanks from Uruguay. The handpainted colors really grow on you. I love the brights, think the paler colors are ok, but not fond of the really dark colors.

Had my first exam this semester today. Seemed to be fine!

Monday, September 12, 2005

The skein on the winder went flying!!

I was working at LYS on Saturday. The flow of customers had started to pick up in the store and I was trying to wind the customer's yarn a little quicker. I had been warned that sometimes a skein will fly off, but I was holding tension tight, so thought I was ok.

No, flew off and had to get that back on quickly to finish the task.


Sunday, September 11, 2005

Hurricane Katrina baby blanket

The blanket worked up quickly, and was very relaxing after several days of work, study, running around. I am confident several Mom's/babies will find use for this mailing of blankets from LYS once they arrive to a shelter later this week. So soft and cute, here is the yarn used:

One note after working at my LYS yesterday. I was winding some Manos wool for a customer, and the ball (with top of winder) flew off and I had to chase it down. I'll get the hang of it with more practice!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Oh dear, fell behind on my blog!

It has been a busy few weeks! One current project is knitting up a baby blanket that will go in a shipment next Tuesday - to survivors of Hurricane Katrina. A LYS was fortunate to receive a yarn donation from a Pa yarn manufacturer for this purpose. The yarn arrived Thursday, so there is a group of folks knitting away this weekend to supply this first shipment from this particular LYS. Here is the yarn we are using for this project:

I also am working at a LYS. Very nice to be in the atmosphere. I'm hoping I'll be able to help and encourage fellow knitters!