Sunday, October 09, 2005

Juggling UFO's and new projects

Oh, but what fun! Today, being Sunday, will actually be day of rest for me. I'll be knitting, reading the paper, catching up on blogs on the computer, and doing a little cleaning.

Y'all know I work for LYS. I succumbed to purchases yesterday. Eeeks! Here is a quick look at one:

I'm working on a cable shawl in this lovely bulky alpaca for my Mom. There were many colors to choose from, but I like this for it's skin flattering tone, as well as showing off the cables.

And, to use some of my lovely Obisco merino wool, I've purchased a suede tote bottom and matching handles to make up a nice knitted tote for my sister's bday. it is hard to decide what would be a good gift for her, and this seems like it will be useful for her as a busy mom.

Thanks for all your good wishes on my exams - all went very well.

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