Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm back!!

After multiple attempts to get back to my blog, I'm finally here (give or take 3 yrs)! I think my blog needs some changes.

Work in progress

Saturday, November 11, 2006

another baby - another item for a baby girl!

Here is a quick knit - really, really soft yarns by Berocco. Lullaby and Hush. Last I heard, Lullaby was being discontinued, so I was glad to be able to make up a couple of these hats for babies. This color combination is so cute, nice soft green, pink, yellow and blue - could suit both boys and girls. I worked one hat up for display at the shop, even with the one yarn being discontinued :(. The nice thing about these washable yarns, is that they are cool to the touch - not too warm or scratchy for little babies skin. Could be worn year round.

back on the blogger bandwagon!

Oh dear - guess I took quite a break. I've been meaning to participate more in the blogs, but sharing computers at home can be quite a scheduling challenge!

Here are some photos of a baby cardi I worked up for a friend's little girl. Another project I was happy to be using my Denise needle set!

The colors aren't quite as bright in real life. I used Deep Pink and Light Green (lime) for the accent colors - which I think work well with the main shade in Purple. GGH Bali yarn is a DK weight yarn, 50/50 blend cotton and acrylic. I purchased these from someone's "stash sale", and won't elaborate on that experience, but just say I will think carefully about doing that again.

I receive a photo of my friend's daughter wearing this little sweater, and she is picture perfect.

Monday, March 13, 2006


And to answer Laura's question about the long lingering Lopi cardi, it still resides in the bag for now. I will have to take a look at it once things settle down and I'm situated here in my new home. :)

Marji, I didn't participate in the Knitting Olympics, unfortunately. I did work on a couple UFO's, but my race was with the boxes to be packed for the move! I am leaving many things packed up for a while, down in the cellar, so wish I had been in the olympic training camp (for the sport of organizing and packing well) ahead of time.

Ahhh, a chance to update...

I recently moved to NY, so am just now just getting back to the blog. I finished a few quick projects since my last post, and have a couple pics to post to get back to business.

Here is the nearly finished Funky Poncho in brights for a gift. I worked the striping on US 13 and am ready to go through and drop the stitches, then sew up the seam.

Here is the IHS that I worked up on US8 in the Blue Green from Malabrigo in Uruguay. The color variation is quite consistent in the greens and slight blues - the photo doesn't really do it justice. Aunt Betty very happy with this set, as it matches two of her coats (and she is ready for a cool St. Patrick's Day in Rochester).

Patti is working away on some projects - scarfs and clothes. Nicole and her daughter are working on their scarves - dressy ones that will suit the weather well into the spring.

I'm contemplating a summer scarf at the moment. Leaning away from some of the lovely wools in my stash, and looking at a few blends I have tucked away from years ago.

Update on

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Another one loving the craft!

Patti has recently jumped on the knitting bandwagon, and is happily knitting away with her first skein of yarn. She now knows how to knit, purl, and frog!! Next up, casting on. Keep up the good work, P.

This has been a busy week, and I haven't had much time for knitting. I have to set aside a little time for repair, because the fingerless gloves done in Heavenly mohair, were chewed on by the recipient's pitt bull. Not sure how much I can salvage, not like the dog followed the instructions to chew only along the seam :(

Have a good week!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

click on pics to see the stitches up close :)

Ok, I'm not yet tired of the worsted merino I have stockpiled in my stash. Above are some photos of the Royal Blue colorway I used for the hat and farrow rib scarf for my Dad. Given to him Christmas morning, but have yet to get a picture of him in it. Ok, they do live about 5 hrs north of me, so will have to wait. FOs for 2005.

Then, chose a green colorway for my first Irish Hiking Scarf. This first photo makes the slight blue hints in part of the colorway pop, but it is much more subtle (still lovely) in RL - see second close-up pic. Worked this up on US8 needles. Next IHS - may go wider with another cable added in.
I know it is likely that a sweater may show pilling from this yarn, but these items have held up well. The IHScarf is nearly done now. It will be a gift for a relative.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A few Christmas projects - presents

Here are the "wrist warmers" (fingerless gloves) made from the lovely Heavenly yarn (by Artful Yarns). Present for a gal pal for her birthday. Used my trusty Aero needles in US8.

The pattern for the gloves is on the back of the yarn band.

Next, the cable wrap for my Mom. Done up on US10.5 needles. The color is Mist and this design is adapted from another pattern. I think it turned out well, it is very nice around the shoulders, worn inside the house or out and about on a snowy day.

I was working on this late on Christmast Eve :) I steamed the edges, as it was curling under. So far so good, it did the trick. The actual color is closer to the lighter picture. The close-up photo of the edge of the wrap makes it look more aqua.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Friday, December 02, 2005

Here are a few quick things i finished recently

First, the tote bag I finished for my sister's bday present. I used worsted merino in Ibisco from, one of my favorite Uruguan yarns. Catie, who just turned 6, is the model.

Kelsey is looking lovely with her pink ruffle scarf, also knitted from worsted merino (handpaintedyarn of Uruguay). Color - Hortensia. This is actually for Catie, but Kelsey(12) is the model in this pic.

And here is model Catie again, she chose the color for her scarf, and I knitted it up on Thanksgiving. It did go out in the snow with her, but didn't seem to fare badly at all.

Ooops, wrong pic. Another one of Tote Bag for Chris. I'll try to load a close up so you can see the colors and the seed stitch better.

Here is Catie again - with her Boho outfit on. Very nice! She also wore the scarf around her hips.

Ok, I've been behind, so here is a funny link to get started

Here is a mint green purse I quickly knit up for Catie (6) on thanksgiving. I did some garter stitch, seed stitch etc. She chose the yarn (ok, the only one in her stash), an unidentified cotton. Catie "made" and attached the strap herself.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Juggling UFO's and new projects

Oh, but what fun! Today, being Sunday, will actually be day of rest for me. I'll be knitting, reading the paper, catching up on blogs on the computer, and doing a little cleaning.

Y'all know I work for LYS. I succumbed to purchases yesterday. Eeeks! Here is a quick look at one:

I'm working on a cable shawl in this lovely bulky alpaca for my Mom. There were many colors to choose from, but I like this for it's skin flattering tone, as well as showing off the cables.

And, to use some of my lovely Obisco merino wool, I've purchased a suede tote bottom and matching handles to make up a nice knitted tote for my sister's bday. it is hard to decide what would be a good gift for her, and this seems like it will be useful for her as a busy mom.

Thanks for all your good wishes on my exams - all went very well.

back to the knit - bbs.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Whew, I had SOME restraint.

I'm back from a day at Stitches. Lots to see, and lots to touch. I was looking at Webs, although I am very familiar with their site and have ordered from them in the past. More malabrigo, handpainted worsted merino which is so silky. Webs gives you a quantity discount, just like when shopping their online store.

The colors at many of the booths were intoxicating. It is almost hard to figure out which projects to make with what, there are many options.

I found a few buttons that will add just the right touch to a WIP. And some luxury silk at a discount that will work up to a lovely surprise for a family member.

No photos right now, you'll have to settle for a minor descriptions.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

A new pattern

I purchased a new pattern at LYS today, and again resisted another week of purchasing yarn :)

This pattern is so simple and nice, and will make at least one person very happy for possible holiday gift.

I'm working up a quick scarf in handpainted worsted merino - farrow stitch - to match a hat I've recently put together for my Dad. This project is a nice study break item during the week.

Off to Stitches East tomorrow - will hope for the best for my yarn delirium.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

winding by hand at home :)

I'm doing a little winding at home tonight. A few stray pieces of hay are stuck in the hanks from Uruguay. The handpainted colors really grow on you. I love the brights, think the paler colors are ok, but not fond of the really dark colors.

Had my first exam this semester today. Seemed to be fine!

Monday, September 12, 2005

The skein on the winder went flying!!

I was working at LYS on Saturday. The flow of customers had started to pick up in the store and I was trying to wind the customer's yarn a little quicker. I had been warned that sometimes a skein will fly off, but I was holding tension tight, so thought I was ok.

No, flew off and had to get that back on quickly to finish the task.


Sunday, September 11, 2005

Hurricane Katrina baby blanket

The blanket worked up quickly, and was very relaxing after several days of work, study, running around. I am confident several Mom's/babies will find use for this mailing of blankets from LYS once they arrive to a shelter later this week. So soft and cute, here is the yarn used:

One note after working at my LYS yesterday. I was winding some Manos wool for a customer, and the ball (with top of winder) flew off and I had to chase it down. I'll get the hang of it with more practice!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Oh dear, fell behind on my blog!

It has been a busy few weeks! One current project is knitting up a baby blanket that will go in a shipment next Tuesday - to survivors of Hurricane Katrina. A LYS was fortunate to receive a yarn donation from a Pa yarn manufacturer for this purpose. The yarn arrived Thursday, so there is a group of folks knitting away this weekend to supply this first shipment from this particular LYS. Here is the yarn we are using for this project:

I also am working at a LYS. Very nice to be in the atmosphere. I'm hoping I'll be able to help and encourage fellow knitters!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Working on a couple of my UFO's

I don't have any progress photos to post right now, but I'm working on two of my UFO's. One I had to frog and am making a smaller size. I was knitting to gauge, but it was just too large, perhaps due to the weight of one or the other yarn.

Love looking at the new merchandise coming into LYS, and still trying to find a part-time position at one of them. There are so many good ideas out there, from KR, to magazines, to samples on display.

happy knitting!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Smallest niece and nephew running about at Pappa's & Grandma's

Here is a photo of Catie (5) and Robbie (2) running through whale sprinkler in the front of my parent's house in upstate ny. It was a nice few days when I drove up and my sister and her husband drove their family down from NH to meet in upstate NY.

I'm going to add another photo too, when all four kids went up to local elementary school playground for a while before sprinkler time. They had a good time climbing and jumping around, even with the heat.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Took some photos of UFO's and Future projects!

Now this is a serious UFO. I chose the yarn and started this LOPI cardigan in 198_. For my sister. My sister who has since had 4 children and this size is not correct.

As you can see, I managed to attached the arms to my circs and start the yoke pattern, and promptly set aside this project many moons ago. I still like the colors and although the type of sweater isn't nearly as popular as it once was, I'm tempted to complete it.

Opinions? Advice?

Here is a simple shell in Manos Stria - raspberry color. I do so love the feel of this 100% cotton. The back of the sweater has a little more grape color in it, I salt-n-peppered skeins as 2 of the 5 were more grape. It certainly looks great when you alternate like that.

I picked this yarn up on sale the week after my thyroid surgery, in late March. Since my time awake was limited, it fit perfectly into my recovery time for being able to figure out where I left off and for having something nice in my hands.
I think I'll make a few more of this pattern from MEO designs, from LYS Noble Knits. It is nice and easy to knit it up in physician's offices. Plus, I think this is flattering to most women's bodies.

Below are two patterns I've been thinking about for a nice sweater for Mom. Definitely using the Dale of Norway Svale in this lovely green color. The first pattern, is a Dale of Norway book, but the way they write their patterns does appear more complicated. I do like the detail and the shaping though.

Second pattern is from a book I've had for at least 6-7 years. It is still cute and my Mom said she would wear something like that. Key for me is to do the gauge swatch in pattern. I've been confused how to do that without giving in and CO full number of stitches and going forward from there.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I need some restraint from Humid-weather-shopping-not-knitting

Oh dear! reading all those posts about wonderful merino (KR), led me to search for it on, then ebay, Webs site, etc. Here is one of the results. I purchased 3 skeins of this lovely purple, pink, periwinkle combo. Click on it to fully see it. This photo is from handpaintedwool shop on ebay, but it is accurate. It arrived yesterday from Uruguay and no, I didn't sleep with it!

I have no idea what to make with it. It is so hot outside, I can't imagine touching it for long, or a time when it will be so cold to wear it. After all, it measures about 650 yards. So lovely.

Maybe I should reduce my time reading at KR too! It is addicting and I don't want to fall behind on something that I could really use! lol Shel

Sunday, July 17, 2005

oooops, I am jumping too far ahead now

I am committed to my knitteranon - I will finish UFO's (some, at least).

However, I have purchased a few yarns to add to my stash. Here is a photo of one.

I so hope it looks similar to this when it arrives from handpaintedyarn.

ta da-------Vancouver Blossom:

Any ideas what to make with it?
(Purchased 9 skeins of this thin/thick wool. I believe that will add up to 1480 yards.)

more recent - here is the now finished Funky Poncho

Hi all,
I wanted to post this more recent item. Funky Poncho, and it was a nice break to knit this up with easy stitches and large needles. I used US13 needles and it was a simple pattern. Since I don't have my own digital camera, this was photographed after I sewed it up, but prior to evening up the fringe. I also used a simple crochet stitch to strengthen the open end (shown in photo on left edge - in the dark green suede yarn). If I get close to a digital camera again soon, will attempt new photo, on a volunteer model perhaps.

Ok, I tried to crop these 2 photos, and LOL, they don't look so good. THEY ARE THE SAME ITEM :) I admit, I'm a novice to this web blog/photo stuff. Bear with me!!

So, I have work to do on this blog. I'd like a separate area where the finished items are listed. And another list area for the WIP/UFO's, FP's etc.


small purse knit from Noro Daria

I knit this cute little purse after seeing something similar in a LYS in Morgantown, PA. I gave this to my oldest niece for her 11th birthday. I wasn't able to get up to NH until late May, which was fine since I didn't start it until after her April birthday. The I-cord was so simple, the LYSO showed me a quick demo in 1-2 minutes.

I do like the way it turned out. I used regular thread to sew the decorative button on.

Saturday, June 18, 2005