Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Working on a couple of my UFO's

I don't have any progress photos to post right now, but I'm working on two of my UFO's. One I had to frog and am making a smaller size. I was knitting to gauge, but it was just too large, perhaps due to the weight of one or the other yarn.

Love looking at the new merchandise coming into LYS, and still trying to find a part-time position at one of them. There are so many good ideas out there, from KR, to magazines, to samples on display.

happy knitting!


fickleknitter said...

Now that would be a dream job!

Marji said...

Hey Shel,
congrats on the new job.
Word of warning: I work in and teach in a high end fabric store. I haven't taken home a paycheck that didn't go back into fiber somehow in two years. Right now I think I'm operating at a net loss.
Good luck to you, and may you have more self discipline than I seem to have.

kittensmittens said...

really hope you get that job. it sounds awesome, surrounded by all that yarn... pleasure overload.
To answer you question about iain, he's not really my boyfriend, he lives in Holland. That is just a bit too far for me. But we do "date" whenever we're in the same town.

good luck with the job.

Marji said...

shel, how goes the new job?
email me at mlweaving at earthlink dot net
anyone else who has projects sitting around from the 80's is ok in my book - makes me feel less alone and guilty.

JoanM said...

Let us know how you went in your job search