Thursday, January 05, 2006

click on pics to see the stitches up close :)

Ok, I'm not yet tired of the worsted merino I have stockpiled in my stash. Above are some photos of the Royal Blue colorway I used for the hat and farrow rib scarf for my Dad. Given to him Christmas morning, but have yet to get a picture of him in it. Ok, they do live about 5 hrs north of me, so will have to wait. FOs for 2005.

Then, chose a green colorway for my first Irish Hiking Scarf. This first photo makes the slight blue hints in part of the colorway pop, but it is much more subtle (still lovely) in RL - see second close-up pic. Worked this up on US8 needles. Next IHS - may go wider with another cable added in.
I know it is likely that a sweater may show pilling from this yarn, but these items have held up well. The IHScarf is nearly done now. It will be a gift for a relative.


Stacey said...

the blue/green yarn is beautiful - what is the name of the color? I'd love to get some!

Shel said...

The color from handpainted wool is called Blue Green. I don't see it currently listed but it is one of their regular colors.
I only see about 100 colors in their listing today, so check back to their store. I also purchased a darker green, Forest, and a more sea green shade, called Cyan. The Cyan appears more turquoise in the photo they list, but it is gorgeous sea green shade in RL.