Saturday, November 11, 2006

another baby - another item for a baby girl!

Here is a quick knit - really, really soft yarns by Berocco. Lullaby and Hush. Last I heard, Lullaby was being discontinued, so I was glad to be able to make up a couple of these hats for babies. This color combination is so cute, nice soft green, pink, yellow and blue - could suit both boys and girls. I worked one hat up for display at the shop, even with the one yarn being discontinued :(. The nice thing about these washable yarns, is that they are cool to the touch - not too warm or scratchy for little babies skin. Could be worn year round.


JoanM said...

Hi Shel, I don't know what is happening with the UFO blog. I updated my own blog, but it updated that too. Have you updated yours? I don't like the update, I keep trying to comment on peoples'blogs and it makes you sign in again and again, and then you lose your comment. Try to access the UFO blog again. it still says you are admin, so I guess that means you should be able to post. If not I will have to contact Blogger

zippiknits said...

That really is a lovely color combo for a baby hat.

I'm having trouble with the links to Knitter's Anonymous but hope that you aren't. I'm from that group, in case you didn't know where I was coming from. Happy Knitting!

JoanM said...

Hi Shel,
don't know your email. Do you want to keep going with the ufo blog next year? let me know

Seasons Greetings