Saturday, November 11, 2006

back on the blogger bandwagon!

Oh dear - guess I took quite a break. I've been meaning to participate more in the blogs, but sharing computers at home can be quite a scheduling challenge!

Here are some photos of a baby cardi I worked up for a friend's little girl. Another project I was happy to be using my Denise needle set!

The colors aren't quite as bright in real life. I used Deep Pink and Light Green (lime) for the accent colors - which I think work well with the main shade in Purple. GGH Bali yarn is a DK weight yarn, 50/50 blend cotton and acrylic. I purchased these from someone's "stash sale", and won't elaborate on that experience, but just say I will think carefully about doing that again.

I receive a photo of my friend's daughter wearing this little sweater, and she is picture perfect.

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Patti said...

You're back blogging!!!! YAY!