Sunday, July 17, 2005

more recent - here is the now finished Funky Poncho

Hi all,
I wanted to post this more recent item. Funky Poncho, and it was a nice break to knit this up with easy stitches and large needles. I used US13 needles and it was a simple pattern. Since I don't have my own digital camera, this was photographed after I sewed it up, but prior to evening up the fringe. I also used a simple crochet stitch to strengthen the open end (shown in photo on left edge - in the dark green suede yarn). If I get close to a digital camera again soon, will attempt new photo, on a volunteer model perhaps.

Ok, I tried to crop these 2 photos, and LOL, they don't look so good. THEY ARE THE SAME ITEM :) I admit, I'm a novice to this web blog/photo stuff. Bear with me!!

So, I have work to do on this blog. I'd like a separate area where the finished items are listed. And another list area for the WIP/UFO's, FP's etc.



JoanM said...

The poncho looks great. I love the blue purse too. Good work

Sharon said...

Looks lovely, Shel in answer to your question, Angelina jacket comes from