Sunday, July 17, 2005

small purse knit from Noro Daria

I knit this cute little purse after seeing something similar in a LYS in Morgantown, PA. I gave this to my oldest niece for her 11th birthday. I wasn't able to get up to NH until late May, which was fine since I didn't start it until after her April birthday. The I-cord was so simple, the LYSO showed me a quick demo in 1-2 minutes.

I do like the way it turned out. I used regular thread to sew the decorative button on.


Shel said...

This purse has lovely colors of cinnamon, fuschia, purple, aqua blue. The photo makes it look quite royal blue, but at least you can see the shape quite well. My niece wore this to a water amusement park the day after I gave it to her, it didn't look so good after that. :(


Cheryl said...

Oooh...very's a shame it went to the water park... I've seen those little bags in my LYS but haven't been able to justify buying the daria for it.
Where in PA are you?? and where is Morgantown PA??